Early child education is an extremely important step in a child’s learning career. Good Nursery education develops children who will have following qualities:

  • Are more successful in school;
  • Engage in increasingly complex play;
  • Show secure attachments to adults and other children;
  • Adjust well in primary school; and
  • Have less behavioral problems in school.



Our Nursery Program  is having qualified teachers, a language-rich environment, responsive adult-child interactions.


Nursery school provides the building blocks for numeracy and literacy learning.  It prepares children to be emotionally ready for primary school.  It teaches children how to interact with each other and with adults in an appropriate way.


We make sure that will nursery program, we can develop these qualities in children.


Building Blocks for Numeracy and Literacy

Children in nursery  follow a structured curriculum that develops their numeracy and literacy skills in an age-appropriate way.


Ready to Start Primary School

In addition to the developing a child’s cognitive skills, nursery prepare children with the soft skills necessary to succeed in primary school.  In nursery, children learn to focus and follow directions.


Developing Strong Social Skills

Nursery is a playground where children learn how to interact with each other and with adults other than their family members.  They learn to share and get along with others.  They participate in group activities, taking turns and listening to others.  They learn how to wait and share the teacher’s attention.  These social skills serve children throughout their school years and into their career.